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Wig Services


We are Western Canada's only full-service wig salon. When you buy a wig from us, do so with confidence that we will be with you at every step. 


Silhouette of a girl's hair flying completely upward. Make sure your wig fits this snug!


Just like with clothes, sometimes you just can't order off the rack. We are the leading experts in size alterations, constantly innovating new ways to keep your wig securely in place. Go about your day with confidence knowing that your wig will stay put.

Sizing work is included in the price of a wig. There is an additional charge for work done on wigs purchased elsewhere.

Closeup of hands cutting hair. Only a trained wig stylist should cut your synthetic wig.


Nothing makes a wig look more like a wig than being too full and thick or too long in the bangs. Synthetic fibre cuts very different than human hair, so if your wig needs any fussing, you want the experts. Whether the bangs or the length needs trimming or the bulk of the wig needs thinning, we can help.

Trimming and thinning work is included in the price of a wig. There is an additional charge for work done on wigs purchased elsewhere. 

Back view of a beautiful updo bridal style. One of many services offered.


Just because you wear a wig doesn't mean you can't get fancy. Synthetic wigs cannot be styled with heat, but there are still plenty of styling options. Creating a great updo with a wig takes a lot of practise, so next time you need to go to a wedding, graduation, or other special occasion, come to us. We'll make your hair dreams possible for your special day.

For your special event hair, please contact us at least a month in advance with some options and reference photos. Not all updo styles are possible in a wig, so prepare to be flexible. 

A closeup of a woman in profile with long, brunette hair.

Long Wig Refresh

We all know that for how beautiful they are, long wigs don't last as long. While you can't make your old wigs look brand new again, there are ways to breathe a bit of life back into a wig that may have seen better days. With a method known as steaming, we can soften and separate the fibres again to help temporarily reverse the fraying and matting of age.

The cost of a long wig refresh will depend on the severity of the damage. We will provide a quote before any work is done. Please note that a refresh will only last for a week or so. 

A closeup of a woman with curlers on her head. Setting and curling a wig requires specialized training and should only be undertaken by a trained wig stylist.

Wash, Set, Style

Your time is precious. For a minimal charge, we can wash your wig for you!

If you're used to styling your own hair with a head full of curlers, you can still get that look with a wig. Certain styles of short, curly wigs will need to be gently recurled as they age, but like with other styling options, synthetic fibre wigs require specific methods and tools. Don't risk wrecking your wig with the wrong kinds of curlers; when your hair is ready for a refresh, bring it to us.