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Whatever the cause of your hair loss, The Wig Boutique can help. From cancer treatments, alopecia, and other medical related hair loss, to overtreated hair and salon accidents, people today wear wigs for all variety of reasons. At The Wig Boutique, our staff are all wig wearers, so you can trust them to be speaking from a place of experience. Discover how good great hair can feel!

A girl in a meadow flipping her hair back. She is silhouetted by the sun behind her. You too can feel this good about your hair!

Discretion and compassion.

As wig wearers ourselves, we recognize how difficult hair loss can be. Our aim is to offer superior customer service, coupled with the kind of compassion and patience that comes from shared experiences. Every person's journey with hair loss is unique, and we will meet you at whatever stage you are at. 

Your privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance to us. Our shop is located in a stand alone building, not on a main street, and features privacy frosting on the windows. We can offer a privacy screen for clients who prefer it.


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Curious what a visit to The Wig Boutique is like? Want more information about the products we carry? Find answers to these questions, and more, in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Wig Care

Synthetic wigs are easy to care for, but there are very specific steps you need to follow if you want your wig to last. Learn how to protect your investment and take proper care of your wig. 

Wig Services

As Western Canada's only full-service wig shop, we offer a wide range of services, from basic cutting and size alterations to restorative steaming to wedding and grad styles. 

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